The eMagazines Digital Reading Experience

Though there are many perks to receiving digital copies of magazines from eMagazines, one of the best is the reading experience that comes with each magazine you receive. While other digital versions of books and magazines may not feel the same as reading the print version, or they may feel like an inadequate reading experience altogether, eMagazines works hard to create a digital version of each magazine that is not only easy to read, but also delivers the same experience as reading the print version, if not better.

When you first open your digital magazine, you notice that it opens right to the cover, allowing you to view the cover in full, or you can double click anywhere to zoom in and make it easier to read. This cover is bright and vibrant, giving you an idea of the topics you can delve into once you open the magazine.

After taking in the cover, flip to the table of contents and peruse the topics you can start reading about. With the digital version of the magazine, you can jump directly to the article of your choice by typing the number in the page box on the bottom of your screen. No constant flipping to search for that one article you wanted to read. Instead, flip right to it and start reading.

Other digital versions of reading material take away the concept of page flips and page numbers, such as the Kindle app, which sorts by location number, not page. However, eMagazines understands the ease and importance of page number and page flips. Therefore, each digital magazine from eMagazines maintains page numbers and adds an animated feature when flipping from page to page, mimicking the real movement print pages make when they are turned. This way, as you read and flip through, the experience feels just as it would if you were reading your print version.

Whenever you want to look more closely at a portion of the magazine, all you have to do is double click. This feature not only makes reading easier, especially if you have trouble with eyesight, but also gives readers a variety of options through which they can view the magazine. This way, each reader can make their reading experience suited for their own preferences.

Finally, you can easily leave and come back to your digital magazine any time as it can be on up to five of your favorite devices. Your magazine will always be ready for when you want to start reading again.

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