3 Reasons Why Reading is a Cheaper Pastime

Did you know that reading is one of the cheaper ways to spend your free time? As Reader’s Digest writes, the average novel costs about eight dollars for a digital version and around thirteen dollars for a paperback version. This may seem like a significant amount of money for one piece of entertainment, until you consider this option’s context with other entertainment options.

1) Most other activities cost more upfront.

Looking to see a movie at a movie theater? In 2016, the average cost of a movie ticket was almost nine dollars. While this is still close to the cost of a digital book, a book will give you more for your money since the nine dollars to see a movie will only give you about an hour and a half to two hours of entertainment, and you will not even own the movie at the end of it—it’s a one-time experience. You’d have to pay again if you wanted to see (or own) the movie.

2) Eating out costs more than you may realize.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average amount spent on restaurants and takeout in 2015 was about three thousand dollars per household. This also is a one-time entertainment experience that costs more and only lasts a small amount of time. Instead of eating out, eat in (which is cheaper, too) and enjoy your favorite book or magazine while eating.

On the other hand, books often promise hours of entertainment, depending on the length of the book and how fast each person reads. Plus, if you buy it, it’s entertainment you can come back to or share with others for no extra cost. Books also have better health benefits than spending money on other types of entertainment. Look out for our full upcoming post on the health benefits of reading.

3) Magazine subscriptions last the whole year–and can be shared! 

Magazines are not that different from books when it comes to affordability and quality of entertainment. Statista reports that in 2011, the average price for a one-year magazine subscription in the U.S. was a little less than thirty dollars. Again, this may seem like a lot, but comparatively, this is cheap, especially for an entire year. This is considerably less than the aforementioned annual average of three thousand dollars spent on eating out per household; plus, a family of four would quickly surpass thirty dollars by going to the movies just once.

Reading affordability increases when you consider the ease with which a family can share their magazine subscriptions, especially with eMagazines’ five-device compatibility with your digital magazines. This means that your magazine can be read on up to five different devices at a time, making it easier to share this entertainment bargain with the whole family.

In the end, reading is more affordable than many other types of entertainment. Whether you’re purchasing a book or a magazine subscription, you will save money by using these forms of entertainment. Visit the eMagazines website to learn more about what we do and how digital magazines can make a positive impact on your life.